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Pediatric Advisor Use Agreement

I understand that by accessing this Web site I shall be using information provided by McKesson Information Solutions, LLC. By accessing this information, I:

  • (a) agree to protect McKesson's proprietary rights related to this information;
  • (b) understand that there are no representations or warranties provided by McKesson with respect to this information;
  • (c) understand that accessing this information does not grant me any rights, including to reproduce or republish, relating to the information;
  • (d) agree to abide fully by all applicable laws in connection to the use of this information;
  • (e) understand that this information is considered confidential;
  • (f) will not copy, disseminate, publish, display, or distribute in any form, including printed and electronic, the information provided by McKesson;
  • (g) will not make this information available in or through another Web site or blog.
I agree to these terms.
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