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Dishonesty: Resource List

Books for Children

Ages 4 to 8

  • Berenstain Bears and the Truth; by Stan Berenstain; Random House, 1983
  • Eli and His Little White Lie; by Goldie Golding; Mesorah Publ., 1997
  • It Wasn't Me: Learning About Honesty; by Brian Moses; Wayland, 1997
  • Let's Talk About Cheating; by Dolly Brittan; PowerKids Press, 1997
  • Oh, Brother! Someone's Fibbing!; by Betty Birney; Golden Books, 1997
  • Pinky Promise: A Book About Telling the Truth; by Vanita Braver; Child & Family Press, 2004
  • The Tales of Tango: The Sticky Situation; by Sally Atkinson; Tango's Grove Publ, 1998
  • Telling the Truth; by Althea; Gareth Stevens Pub, 1998

Ages 8 to 12

  • Dealing with Lying; by Lisa K. Adams; PowerKids Press, 1997
  • Harriet the Spy; by Louise Fitzhugh; HarperCollins, 1987
  • Honest-to-Goodness Truth; by Pat McKissack: Aladdin, 2003
  • John Patrick Norman McHennessy: The Boy Who was Always Late; by John Burningham; Crown, 1999
  • True Lies: 18 Tales for You to Judge; by George Shannon; Beach Tree Books, 1999
  • Judge Jud Sheindlin's Win or Lose by How You Choose; by Judy Sheindlin; Harper Trophy, 2001
  • The Children's Truth-Control Book; by Adolph Moser; Landmark Editions, 1999
  • A Question of Trust; by Marion Bauer; Scholastic, 1994

Young Adults

  • Taking It; by Michael Camum; Viking, 1995

Books for Adults

  • Childhood Lying, Stealing, and Cheating; by Foster Cline; Love & Logic Press, 2000 (Audiobook)
  • Why Kids Lie: How Parents Can Encourage Truthfulness; by Paul Ekman; Penguin, 1991
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