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Death of a Parent: Resource List

Books for Children

Ages 4 to 8

  • A Quilt for Elizabeth; by Benette Tiffault; Centering Corporation, 1992
  • Everett Anderson's Goodbye; by Lucille Clifton; Henry Holt, 1988
  • Geranium Morning; by E. Sandy Powell; CarolRhoda Books, 2001
  • The Three Birds; by Marinus Van den Berg; Magination Press, 1994
  • The Healing Tree; Kathleen Hemery; Centering Corp., 2001
  • Saying Goodbye to Daddy; by Judith Vigna; A. Whitman, 1991
  • Sunflowers & Rainbows for Tia: Saying Goodbye to Daddy; Alesia Alexander Greene; Centering Corporation, 1999

Ages 9 to 12

  • A Place Apart; by Paula Fox; Farrar, Strauss and Giroux, 1995
  • In the Quiet; Adrienne Ross; Delacorte Press, 2000
  • Tiger Eyes; by Judy Blume; Econo-Clad Books, 1995

Books for Adults

  • Guiding Your Child Through Grief; by Mary Ann Emswiler; Bantam Books, 2000
  • The Grieving Child; by Helen Fitzgerald; Simon & Schuster, 1992
  • When a Parent is Sick: Helping Parents Explain Serious Illness to Children; by Joan Hamilton; Rotterfield Press, 2001
Compiled by Catherine Smith, MLS, medical librarian at the Family Health Library, The Children's Hospital, Denver, CO.
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Last modified: 2006-08-29
Last reviewed: 2006-08-28
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