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Vulvitis (Caused by Soap)

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What is vulvitis?

Vulvitis is when the area around your daughter's vagina is irritated. She may have pain, soreness, burning or itching around the vagina. This is caused most often by bubble bath, shampoo, or soap left on the outer vagina.

How can I take care of my child?

If your daughter's vagina is irritated, these steps can help:

  • Have her soak her bottom in a basin or bathtub of warm water for 20 minutes.
  • Add 4 tablespoons of baking soda to the warm water.
  • Do not use soap.
  • Have her soak every 4 hours while she is awake.
  • Put 1% hydrocortisone cream on the vagina after she soaks. (You can get this from the drug store.)
  • Do this for 2 days.

This will help her heal. From then on, clean the vagina once a day with warm water.

How can I help prevent this problem?

Here are some good ideas to help keep this from happening again:

  • Wash the vagina with plain water -- no soap.
  • Do not use bubble bath or put any other soaps into the bath water.
  • Wait to shampoo until the end of the bath.
  • Keep bath time less than 15 minutes and have her urinate right after the bath.
  • Have her wear cotton underpants.

Call all your child's doctor if:

  • The itching is not gone after 2 days.
  • There is a vaginal discharge or bleeding.
  • Passing urine becomes painful.
  • You have other concerns or questions.
Written by B.D. Schmitt, M.D., author of "Your Child's Health," Bantam Books.
Published by McKesson Provider Technologies.
Last modified: 2006-10-05
Last reviewed: 2006-03-02
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